Together We Grow – Our vision at Oak Wood Secondary is to work together to enable our students to grow and develop into young people who can live fulfilling lives, as adults, in our society. We value every pupil in school and strive to provide an education that is challenging, personalised and meets the needs of every pupil in school, whatever their ability or background.

Our students have a broad spectrum of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

We aim to provide a quality learning environment, which meets ALL individual needs and promotes independence and skills for life.

We work in conjunction with a range of professionals to maximise outcomes for our students and to guide them on their pathway to adulthood.

Our pupils are aged between 11 and 19 covering Years 7 to 14 and we have a growing Post 16 department.

We use a student centred model to develop EHC Plans and Action plans, which we overview termly.

Students work in groups appropriate to the needs identified in the EHC Plan.

At the Secondary stage our Core subjects for learning skills are; Maths, Literacy, PSHE, and for some students; IT

Students with PMLD (at very early stages of development) follow a focussed multi-sensory curriculum, with 4 four main areas:

  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Independence skills
  • Physical Development

They work in high adult ratio groups and access a wide range of therapies eg, physio, SALT, rebound, hydro, intensive interaction, signing, AAC. Learning is pupil centred, via a broad range of opportunities and experiences. Adults facilitate and scaffold the learning for each individual, by breaking it down into smaller achievable steps Using Routes for Learning and the Rochford Report, we are developing further ways of assessing the lateral development and generalisation of skills which is so important to this cohort.

Students with ASD and communication difficulties work in high adult ratio groups, within a structured learning environment. The principles of learning are based upon overcoming barriers to learning and creating personalised learning programmes, which are developed to support sensory needs and behaviours in order to work towards full participation in school life and the wider community. We use TEACH principles, work stations and visual schedules to support learning. We are continuously developing our Curriculum and Assessment systems to reflect the progress that this cohort of students make, working closely with the Autism Education Trust.

Our KS 3 (yr7-9) curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. It is broad, balanced and thematic, with the core subjects of Maths, Literacy, IT, PSHE and Science taught discretely. This is so that we can focus on the development of key skills and concepts. The curriculum is also taught through cross curricular themes, chosen to motivate and engage pupils whilst at the same time, learn, practice, generalise and consolidate these key skills and concepts. Target setting and regular progress overview is an essential part of planning for learning. Pupil progress is measured against Oak Wood levels which are based upon progression guidance and end of key stage performance indicators. Pupils can have homework based upon the online Literacy Bug Club. The curriculum in KS 3 also includes music lessons, the choir, drama, art club, trips and visitors and a residential offer.

As students progress into KS 4 (Yr10-11) they still continue to work on skills in core subjects, however we also encourage them to move towards pathways which build upon their strengths and interests. This is done through options. They learn to apply skills functionally in a range of contexts, such as college tasters, work experience, careers options, Enterprise, Art and Expressive Arts, SRE, Land based studies, travel training, Sport and leisure, home management and nationally accredited qualifications. They further develop life skills and foster independence skills through a more flexible curriculum. Thus they begin their pathways to their future, which are built upon in post 16. Some students are preparing to leave school for wider college opportunities at this stage; such as North Hinckley and Warwickshire College or to employment.

Accreditation in KS 4:

  • ASDAN Personal Progress
  • NCFE: Personal Social Development: Entry 2
  • NCFE: English
  • NCFE: Maths
  • NCFE: Land based Vocational Unit
  • NCFE: Enterprise
  • NCFE: Creative Arts

Post 16 (Yr 12-14) students who stay in the OW School Community, prepare to take their rightful place in the wider world; eg, work, college, or accessing facilities in the community. They are further developing and building upon their existing skills in a variety of ways through academic work, work related learning, life skills, employability, extended work placements, which continue through the year. Careers, college opportunities and accredited vocational courses have been developed to give a breadth of offer. A few students each year attend Internships at National Grid and follow the BTEC in Workskills. We also offer a range of nationally accredited courses, which are tailored to student need eg, the Bronze Arts Award for a group of students attending the media course at Herbert Gallery. In September 17 we will be introducing an Accredited Performance Arts course. Progress is measured via systems of functional skills certificates and awards and against an Adult core curriculum.

Currently we are offering Outreach work to NWH College to develop an appropriate curriculum for post 19 students, which is will continue to support the needs of our leavers. We work closely with Careers services; Prospects.

Into Adulthood- During transition to other providers we aim to support our young adults as much as possible and have forged excellent links with our college providers.

Some of our leavers have secured employment, most go on to specialist local college provision or community facility provision. We often invite them back to talk to existing students about their new lives and future opportunities.

Accreditation in Post 16:

  • NCFE: PSD Entry Level
  • NCFE: English Entry Level
  • NCFE: Maths Entry Level
  • NCFE: Vocational Units Entry Level
  • ASDAN Diploma in Life Skills
  • ASDAN Personal Progress
  • BTEC: Workskills: Entry Level – Level 1

If you need any more information about our Curriculum please contact us.