Together We Grow – Our vision at Oak Wood Primary school is to work together to enable our pupils to grow and develop into young people who can live fulfilling lives, as adults, in our society. We value every pupil in school and strive to provide an education that is challenging, personalised and meets the needs of every pupil in school, whatever their ability or background.

Our pupils have a broad spectrum of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

We aim to provide a quality learning environment, which meets ALL individual needs and promotes independence and skills for life.

We work in conjunction with a range of multi-agencies to maximise outcomes for our pupils and to guide them on their pathway to adulthood.

Our pupils are aged between 3-11 years old from nursery through to year 6.

We use a pupil centred model to develop EHC Plans and Action plans, which we overview termly.

Pupils work in groups appropriate to the needs identified in the EHC Plan.


At Oak Wood Primary School we focus on the journey our learners take from early years to the end of key stage two.

We follow a creative curriculum using themes such as Minibeasts, Dinosaurs and Let’s Get Moving in order to focus work on a specific theme. This provides a structure for cross curricular work and activities within the classroom.

Our Core subjects for learning skills are; Maths, Literacy and PSHE.

This year we will be working on cycle one of our long term map (LTM).

Early Years and the Foundation Stage

The nursery class and reception classes (Acorn and Apple Class) follow statutory Early Years and Foundation Stage guidance. Classes focus on delivering learning and teaching through a pupil initiated approach. Activities are provided both inside and outside covering the three prime areas; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development and the four specific areas of the curriculum; Literacy, Understanding the World, Mathematics and Expressive Arts and Design.

Within the classroom settings activities are provided which challenge pupils, reinforce new skills and which offer the opportunity to practice and consolidate skills and become independent learners. Each classroom has activities presented which relate to the prime and specific areas; for example shape sorters and stacking cups are used as a mathematics resource, small world characters and vehicles are used to develop understanding of the world around us. Within Nursery, Apple and Acorn class there is a designated space for creative and messy exploration using corn flour, gloop and paint. Pupils are encouraged to extend their early literacy skills both inside and outside the classroom for example developing their reading and writing. Outside both classes have access to bikes, scooters, stepping stones, large bricks and climbing equipment to promote the development of gross motor skills. Pupils take part in one to one and small group work in addition to some whole class activities such as hello time, singing and snack times. Within early years foundation stage pupils attend whole school assemblies and singing sessions on a weekly basis.

In order to highlight progress, pupils and supporting adults contribute to their Learning Journey books which record significant moments from the time spent in the Early Years and Foundation Stage department.

Key stage 1 and 2

Key stage one and two follow our creative curriculum linked to Oak Wood Schools ‘I can statements’. Classes focus on delivering teaching and learning through a creative curriculum approach. Learning opportunities are provided both inside and outside the classroom and are split into six areas of experiencing and understanding; Communication, Literacy and Language (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening), Numeracy (Number, Using and Applying, Shape, Space and Measure), The Arts (Art and design and Music), Science and Technology (Science, ICT and DT), Health and Wellbeing (PSHE and P.E), Myself, people and the environment (RE, Geography and History).

Within the classrooms pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves and become independent learners building on their functional numeracy and literacy skills. The pupils have access to a range of resources and strong links within the community to develop their understanding of the world around them.

At Oak Wood the pupils learn through cross curricular activities which allows them to develop their functional skills integrated within creative learning opportunities for example during our strange and unusual theme the pupils used their problem solving skills to create their own dinosaurs.

In order to highlight progress we record our learning in learning journals which records significant moments of our learning each year.

If you need any more information about our Curriculum please contact us.