How Governance works at Oak Wood Schools

Oak Wood Schools Multi Academy Trust (MAT) has a Board of Directors. The directors are, in effect, governors and our role is much the same as governors in any other school. However, since the schools became a MAT, the directors/governors are also trustees of the charitable trust which is responsible for the effective running of the academy.

The Board of Directors has recently decided to delegate responsibility for the governance of the primary and secondary schools to primary and secondary governing committees. However the full board retains the responsibility of ensuring:-

  • we work with the schools’ leaders and managers to set and communicate the ethos, vision and strategic direction of the schools.
  • the finances of the two schools separately and the multi-academy trust as a whole are properly managed
  • the executive headteacher is held to account for the academy trust’s performance

Every director serves on either the primary or secondary governing committee. The Chair of Directors and the Executive Headteacher are currently serving on both committees as this is a new structure.

The governing committees will monitor:-

  • the teaching, learning and assessment of progress which pupils make
  • the welfare arrangements including safeguarding
  • the use of funding to best meet pupils’ needs and to ensure additional funding is used appropriately
  • the steps the schools are making towards achieving their school improvement priorities
  • the links the schools make with parents, carers, the local and wider community
  • the development and welfare of the staff

To this end all directors have links to priority areas in the schools’ development plans. These and further information about the directors’ role and responsibilities can be found in the Directors’ Handbook.


Hilary Ward
Chair of Directors