In september 2014, Oakwood Secondary School started with another special needs school, Dorothy Goodman, Hinckley, Nat Grid’s Employability scheme. It enables three students from each school of the ages of 16 – 19 years of age to be based at Nat Grid in Hinckley and complete a year of work experience. They are able to work in three different departments of Nat Grid, one per school term. The students are supported by a job coach on site. The students complete BTec qualification, skills for work during the year of work experience. The job coach supports the students in their department to carry out the work and build their work skills. During the work placement, the students collect evidence of their work to put in a professional portfolio file which can be used to help them apply for paid employment. We have had great success over the last two years achieving 100% employment after the course and we aim to continue this fanatic achievement in the future.


Jordan Bratt

Jordan has been working in the Regulation and External Affairs for his first placement. Completing data imputting tasks and investigating addresses on google maps and a computer system called webmaps. Jordan is enjoying working with Nat Grid staff. His second placement is with Resource Management Team carrying out checking of engineer shift patterns and up dating personal information. He likes being treated like an adult and has taken to the working enviroment really well. He is independently getting to and from work by bus.

I enjoy being on this program because it is more of an adult environment and I feel more mature. The work is better than school and I am treated as a grownup. Even if I don’t get a job I will gain a qualification, experience and a reference. Jordan Bratt

Liam Murray

Liam has working in his first placement with a team who were carrying out a two year project. He was completing administration tasks and up dating engineer maps. Liam feels comfortable around the Nat Grid site and is enjoying completing work tasks to a very high standard. Liam's second placement is in the Network Strategy team and is up dating engineer maps with details of new gas connections. Liam is attending team meetings and listens well to the team discussions on work load etc.

I enjoy going in the placements and have learnt new computer skills.I prefer it to school as you are treated like an adult and get to meet and work with other adults. Liam Murray

Ryan Parry

Ryan's confidence has really grown since he started on the Employability Programme. He is independently, working around the Nat Grid site with the porters. Carrying out tasks like, collecting the post, collecting confidencial waste, organising seating in the meeting rooms. He has realised that if he listens well and checks his understanding of an instruction, he can carry out the work tasks. Ryan is a very friendly and socialable person and the Porters team include Ryan as one of the team. His second placement is with CBRE and Ryan is learning about site maintenance.

I am enjoying learning new job skills.You also get treated more like an adult and everyone is helpful and friendly Ryan Parry