KS3 Curriculum

KS3 Curriculum

Students ages 11-14

Years 7-9

The curriculum is based on a three year rolling programme of themes and will comprise

  • Discrete Literacy lessons, focus on reading, phonics and grammar
  • Discrete Numeracy lessons
  • Opportunities to teach functional literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum
  • R.E
  • P.S.H.E and citizenship
  • Science
  • Computing
  • P.E
  • MFL
  • Visits, visitors and WOW days

Geography, History, Art and music will be taught through termly thematic units

2014/2015 curriculum

Autumn Term : World War II (History focus)

Spring Term : Romeo and Juliet (Literacy focus)

Summer Term : Africa (Geography focus)

Pupils working below P4

For many of our pupils learning to communicate is central to the curriculum. Pupils working between P1 and P4 should follow a core curriculum comprising;

  • Cognitive development
  • Communicative development
  • Physical, motor and sensory development
  • Emotional and social development

Curriculum content is the vehicle by which theses skills and processes are taught.

We need to start where the child is and we aim to provide a personalized curriculum where possible.

“Routes for Learning” supports curriculum provision for these pupils and recognizes lateral and linear progress and skill development.

The curriculum is accessed through a wide variety of experiences and activities. Achievement is celebrated in weekly assemblies. Merits are awarded for good work or behaviour. Students can work towards a termly reward visit.