In addition to class music lessons, there is a range of other musical activities at Oak Wood Schools.

This includes one to one and small group work to support the development of interaction, communication and social skills using music as a tool.

Where a student shows some ability and a keen interest we are also able to offer instrumental tuition for violin, piano, recorder, ukulele, bass guitar, guitar and drums.

As a result of this we have been able to have a school rock band.

Our first band ‘Rock of School’ were formed at the beginning of 2014. The members of this band have now left school and we have a new band called ‘Bolton and the Brothers’. The bands have made CDs and performed at school events.

We have two choirs; one for pupils from primary and year seven, and another for older pupils. This is an optional activity where members learn a range of songs and explore different styles of vocal music. The choirs have the opportunity to perform at school events as well as out of school such as at local community centres and a local shopping centre. The choir is a great way to encourage self-esteem and team work.