Welcome to Rebound Therapy!

Rebound Therapy provides opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for students across the whole spectrum of special needs.

At Oak Wood schools we are lucky enough to be able to offer a range of pupils Rebound Therapy. Some of the benefits include; strengthening of limbs, communication, co-ordination, spatial awareness, independence, trust, confidence and most of all fun and enjoyment.

We have found that other benefits also include stimulation of the digestive system, internal organ massage and clearing toxins from the body. These are achieved by the rhythmic acceleration and deceleration and increase and decrease in weight offered by movement on the trampoline.

Students involved in rebound have the opportunity to earn awards by completing a variety of exercises, which are recognised as Winstrada grades. Whatever level of support the student may need there is always a grade that is achievable, to give the user a sense of achievement and celebration and to show progression no matter how small.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of pupils demonstrating some exercises and benefits of rebound therapy.

Hayley Buckler & Lesley Boffin

(Secondary School Rebound Therapists)