School Council

School Council

The student council is aptly named The Oaks as all who are involved believe that little acorns grow into mighty Oaks!!!

The Oaks have accomplished a lot over the passed few years and continue to do so.

Each class has a representative and it is the role of the representative to forward any issues their peers have.

This has helped the councillors to fulfil their roles within the school.

A few items peers and staff alike have requested to improve our school have been expensive like benches and tables outside so everyone has somewhere to sit during break and lunch times. Large parasols to shade wheelchair users in the summer months so everyone gets to enjoy the sun!

Litter bins put in everywhere to maintain our lovely clean school. A full size basketball hoop on the playground to name but a few things The Oaks have succeeded with.

We meet once a month and have a chairperson and minute taker so all meetings are recorded.

We invite senior management if there is something we need finance for and put across pro's and cons to receive monies. This process is then presented to the governors who support The Oaks in all their endeavours.